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Social media today is an integral part of connectivity. It is through social media people now come to know about happenings in different parts of the world and this has also supported movements of different kinds. Some revolutions, some heartbreak and some long lost friends are examples of miracles social media has performed in recent times. There can be long list of developments that social media today encourage and support directly, going into specifics we can find that each of them is different from other very distinctly.



Most of them we have seen or discussed are changes initiated by Facebook. By its visual effect it has been very quick to attract viewers to it and as natural there has been an occasional objectionable content in it also. In comparison Linkedin is a network of professionals and is dominated by professional discussion. There are some infrequent posts to divert and make the forum less serious but most of the others have nudged it back to stiff professional connectivity Linkedin is so famous for and maintained it there.

The imperfect competition

There are some new and budding sites that are either too inclined on discussions or on sharing photos; it is hard to find the magic mixture percentage of Facebook in any of them that, even when it allows viewers to rule the game has maintained a decent momentum of sharing. Putting Twitter in competition is baseless in features or any of the parameters with Facebook, the latter will win hands down. My discussion is for those worried parents lost in the labyrinth of lack of language skill development in their children and exposure to objectionable contents on internet. Accompanied with remarkable lack of awareness about the world would complete their worry and substitute Facebook with Twitter as the preferred chosen social site. Let me put my reasons.

The unlikely savior

First is the limitation put by Twitter. If you are a regular user you will know that maximum permissible characters to be used in twitter is 144 and this restriction includes comma, gaps and other punctuation marks in it. Naturally a teen who is still trying to experiment with communication will find this restriction very irritating in present situation and learning in reflection. The use of phrases to emphasize a point, to use those characters for a rebuttal, to express oneself about a situation all will need practice and discipline to achieve, for maintaining the 144 character limitation. English is very much a part of university education tests and twitter may be the first informal and fun step in this progress of preparation.

Benefit of hero worship

Twitter is mostly about written words and this eliminates the possibility of viewing objectionable materials and there is also a good quality control mechanism to monitor posts for improper material. Such chances are more in Facebook and that is what brings a feeling of prohibited fun. Many people will argue that Twitter is about celebrities only as this has an aura of perceived cerebral appeal which many are eager to use to appeal to a more high-brow audience. Even if this argument is true this also works to benefit. It is natural for teens to get attracted to such personalities and even natural for them to follow celebrities to monitor their activities and comments.

It is natural for most celebrities to comment on any serious international incident; this also makes them more humane. The teens would also need to freshen up their international knowledge or domestic knowledge to understand and comment on the same issues and considered for direct replies by those celebrities. A regular following up can really make a habit out of the most uninterested person to follow news. Overall these make a smarter lot of teens.

Duel of words

Not only about current affairs and changes in the world, Twitter also prepares one to match slights with smartness. It teaches one to maintain minimal words for a reply and at the same time carry the sting when needed. Twitter gives a teaching of words that helps in every professional necessity. Single sentence replies for every situation is a masterly art and by active participation in this social media a growing teen can easily develop. There are though many aspects that can carry one beyond legible limits but still that fear is common for all social media. I just highlighted the advantages.


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Survival and Facebook apps.   Leave a comment

Facebook launched a new app for job search. Apparently this is a great news but for whom? The app was launched on the second week of November and is projected to give a stiff competition to LinkedIn- The super dad of connectivity in enterprise. LinkedIn is also the platform for connecting and getting introduced informally to lot many job postings. Will there be real challenge or it will be another damp squib Facebook is so famous for introducing.  Let us get some facts and figures done to get to the real issue.

Facebook till now has been recognized as an international social connectivity platform spanning almost the globe. In US Facebook users amount to half of the country population with a penetration level if almost 70% of net users; by ambitious estimates this can grow to more 15% at maximum; in Asia the penetration rate is 6% of the population, this in spite of the poor economy, illiteracy and the recent civil wars; imagine the prospect it has in terms of growth and new members this app can bring. In Africa, one of the most damaged continent and in bad economic health also find Facebook users in the range of 50 millions, this number is growing at rapid speed and even posing challenges of data management and ready accessibility to Facebook. In such situation the app is more interesting to this discussion.

The app from Facebook is listing job postings from Monster,  BranchOut, Direct Employers Association, Work4lab and Jobvite. All of these are US job agencies offering job listings in different professions. If we go through the sites we will see that most of them are focused on US job market only, which is supporting and leveraging on an economy on recession. Does that indicate Facebook does not have confidence to open the jobs app for their international clientele? Do they have lost organizational coordination to contact international job sites and get area specific job listings? In sheer numbers this move surprises even if the questions of putting job listings of a sagging economy are not included in this discussion.

If we look long term, Africa is the fastest growing region, neglecting the volume of Indochina the combined region of China and India) and only consider percentages and last year or last decade parameters for base calculations Africa is the continent that is progressing rapidly, the proverbial dark horse of tern more years. Even many of the Asian countries are not doing badly, they have the high unemployment rate and other economic blockages but in sheer numbers or in percentage they have greater promise than the app is estimated to achieve. Europe and US are the two continents most crippled in economy, this app may help spread individual concerns but will it be able to achieve any real success? Where will be jobs in economies that are sagging and how will people respond to Facebook app that after some months yield nothing in terms of real value? Forget challenging LinkedIn, if this app survives upon itself then that is an achievement in itself.

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Translation in Olympics- the hidden Link   3 comments


First came words, then the participants. London 2012 will have more than 10000 participants and people from 126 countries. Some of them will be very articulate even in more than three languages and some will need effort to communicate with others. Some of them without the language of the land can get lost from their participating venues and some can never get their favorite dishes lost in translation.

Some news to indicate the link we forget in the rush for medals and competitions. A professor with BYU developed apps for participants to translate their languages into the desired language; the app has signs for all the national flags to facilitate translation. This app will not have the complete language facility but will be for limited commands and requests that one encounter in day to day activity. This is a result of three years’ labor and can be hoped to provide lots of benefits to visitors to the Olympic. Working in tandem with Google translation there are lot many phrases preinstalled in the app. The app is editable in their application. Users can modify or add new phrases if they think this can be used in necessary situations and even can authenticate Google translation of certain phrases.

May be the smiling accommodating girl at media centre answering all questions from journalists of all sorts with different pronunciations and languages, the canteen workers who are not only preparing delicacies from all over the world but are also understanding the demands and providing services, the volunteers, the emergency services and the citizen going out of their ways to make the visitors comfortable are all using the app so sincerely and minutely structured for three years to make a tiny vital clog of the Games successful.

Similarly one of the effective translation service providers has slashed their prices by 50% to provide a service to all the visitors to the games, no doubt this will boost up their sale seriously but then this will also try to promote international brotherhood and love. Meanwhile lost in transliteration there was no warm welcome to the Arabic speaking people. The internationally reputed mall Westfield had hung banners which didn’t have a very well structured welcome in Arabic. They are rewriting.

Transliteration will also come to work in interpreting the blogs and comments of participants. There will be scandals exposed to international community, romance, revenge and occasional defection to free from the hunger and life long battle. We will not forget the stories of the athletes but will forget that a transliteration in an Olympic shook the world.

It is not surprising. In every international event there will be innumerable participants and much higher percentage of visitors, some journalists, some sports enthusiasts and some just to be witness to history. Amid all these chaos there will be people insignificant in their small work but vital in the complete work of the system who will toil hard and make it successful. They will remain invisible to transliterate and have been doing so since these events started. Best wishes to them. Best of luck Londoners.

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Your social media, The genie in the bottle.   Leave a comment

The first impression that comes to our mind with Social Media is Facebook. The highly reputed and growing rapidly for a few years, this site is connecting the world and offering fun to them in those connections. It wouldn’t be out of place to remind the champions of Facebook that a few years back Orkut from Google was the most sought after social networking site. Very few use it now.

Technically speaking Google + is more organized and well coordinated to succeed as a proper social media platform but the emotional tide and vast acceptance of Facebook worldwide do not allow it the room for building a reputation.  It needs to add some unique zing that the users have never experienced before. Only then it can surge ahead. In such circumstances what do you do when you have an enterprise which is new and solely dependent on internet and social media to promote? Plunge headlong into the enticing world to hire someone who has thousands of friends and ask them to like and comment on your Facebook profile? If that does not yield then? The plan B? What about the expense gone wasted?

Before you and I engage in the dialogue of promotion in social networking sites there is a more pertinent question, WHY? What is the need to promote a business in internet and especially in social media?  Why search engine optimization is not good enough for getting good business and expanding that business? How can social media be effective? Why more people can search for ways to leverage advantage from this special internet tool? This is too young a blog to reply to all that is questioned in one release. It will take time and in a series of blogs here only I will try to answer the questions raised and will be raised in our progress. I do not claim to be an authority but this is a platform to initiate discussions by the professionals in social media.

Why do we choose social media for promoting a venture or an enterprise? To answer that, find the number of reputed social media platforms in the world. It will go into hundreds. How do you know which among those hundreds will be beneficial to you? Will you go for only Facebook or such hugely reputed platforms? Facebook is a platform generally for people in their twenties to fifties, elders do not feel that interested if they are not trying to find some old friends. How will ventures that also target them as prospective customers reach them through Facebook?

Search Engine Optimization is about fight among a limited customer base and websites. Let me clarify. You have some website and SEO can bring that in the first page first rank (though I personally have seen people not rejecting any search after first one only, they mostly go through the complete first page at least, so the first page and first rank are irrelevant); this page has say 500 visitors and all the websites in that domain are fighting for those 500 visitors among themselves. The business does not grow but there is a huge in fight. Social media in turn expands those 500 visitors to 50…….you got the potential? How?

We will come back soon to answer why we have started the blog with the genie in the bottle. Keep putting your updates.

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Mallya promises to pay employees   2 comments

n a bid to avert unrest over delayed salaries, Kingfisher Airlines chairman Vijay Mallya has told his staff that their dues will be paid in a phased manner from Wednesday.

“All junior staff will be paid before Easter, April 4. All pilots and engineers will be paid April 9 and 10,” he wrote. “My focus now is to start paying your seriously overdue salaries.”

Mallya assured his employees that he would be available at all major stations from this week to address the staff’s concerns.

“Despite all my other commitments to UB (United Breweries) companies, I am personally passionate about and committed to your airline.”

The letter stated that the company can now pay the overdue salaries as its bank accounts have been un-frozen following payments worth Rs.44 crore to the income tax department and Rs.20 crore as service tax.

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