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Survival and Facebook apps.   Leave a comment

Facebook launched a new app for job search. Apparently this is a great news but for whom? The app was launched on the second week of November and is projected to give a stiff competition to LinkedIn- The super dad of connectivity in enterprise. LinkedIn is also the platform for connecting and getting introduced informally to lot many job postings. Will there be real challenge or it will be another damp squib Facebook is so famous for introducing.  Let us get some facts and figures done to get to the real issue.

Facebook till now has been recognized as an international social connectivity platform spanning almost the globe. In US Facebook users amount to half of the country population with a penetration level if almost 70% of net users; by ambitious estimates this can grow to more 15% at maximum; in Asia the penetration rate is 6% of the population, this in spite of the poor economy, illiteracy and the recent civil wars; imagine the prospect it has in terms of growth and new members this app can bring. In Africa, one of the most damaged continent and in bad economic health also find Facebook users in the range of 50 millions, this number is growing at rapid speed and even posing challenges of data management and ready accessibility to Facebook. In such situation the app is more interesting to this discussion.

The app from Facebook is listing job postings from Monster,  BranchOut, Direct Employers Association, Work4lab and Jobvite. All of these are US job agencies offering job listings in different professions. If we go through the sites we will see that most of them are focused on US job market only, which is supporting and leveraging on an economy on recession. Does that indicate Facebook does not have confidence to open the jobs app for their international clientele? Do they have lost organizational coordination to contact international job sites and get area specific job listings? In sheer numbers this move surprises even if the questions of putting job listings of a sagging economy are not included in this discussion.

If we look long term, Africa is the fastest growing region, neglecting the volume of Indochina the combined region of China and India) and only consider percentages and last year or last decade parameters for base calculations Africa is the continent that is progressing rapidly, the proverbial dark horse of tern more years. Even many of the Asian countries are not doing badly, they have the high unemployment rate and other economic blockages but in sheer numbers or in percentage they have greater promise than the app is estimated to achieve. Europe and US are the two continents most crippled in economy, this app may help spread individual concerns but will it be able to achieve any real success? Where will be jobs in economies that are sagging and how will people respond to Facebook app that after some months yield nothing in terms of real value? Forget challenging LinkedIn, if this app survives upon itself then that is an achievement in itself.


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