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Is twitter the Best Social Media for growing children?   Leave a comment

Social media today is an integral part of connectivity. It is through social media people now come to know about happenings in different parts of the world and this has also supported movements of different kinds. Some revolutions, some heartbreak and some long lost friends are examples of miracles social media has performed in recent times. There can be long list of developments that social media today encourage and support directly, going into specifics we can find that each of them is different from other very distinctly.



Most of them we have seen or discussed are changes initiated by Facebook. By its visual effect it has been very quick to attract viewers to it and as natural there has been an occasional objectionable content in it also. In comparison Linkedin is a network of professionals and is dominated by professional discussion. There are some infrequent posts to divert and make the forum less serious but most of the others have nudged it back to stiff professional connectivity Linkedin is so famous for and maintained it there.

The imperfect competition

There are some new and budding sites that are either too inclined on discussions or on sharing photos; it is hard to find the magic mixture percentage of Facebook in any of them that, even when it allows viewers to rule the game has maintained a decent momentum of sharing. Putting Twitter in competition is baseless in features or any of the parameters with Facebook, the latter will win hands down. My discussion is for those worried parents lost in the labyrinth of lack of language skill development in their children and exposure to objectionable contents on internet. Accompanied with remarkable lack of awareness about the world would complete their worry and substitute Facebook with Twitter as the preferred chosen social site. Let me put my reasons.

The unlikely savior

First is the limitation put by Twitter. If you are a regular user you will know that maximum permissible characters to be used in twitter is 144 and this restriction includes comma, gaps and other punctuation marks in it. Naturally a teen who is still trying to experiment with communication will find this restriction very irritating in present situation and learning in reflection. The use of phrases to emphasize a point, to use those characters for a rebuttal, to express oneself about a situation all will need practice and discipline to achieve, for maintaining the 144 character limitation. English is very much a part of university education tests and twitter may be the first informal and fun step in this progress of preparation.

Benefit of hero worship

Twitter is mostly about written words and this eliminates the possibility of viewing objectionable materials and there is also a good quality control mechanism to monitor posts for improper material. Such chances are more in Facebook and that is what brings a feeling of prohibited fun. Many people will argue that Twitter is about celebrities only as this has an aura of perceived cerebral appeal which many are eager to use to appeal to a more high-brow audience. Even if this argument is true this also works to benefit. It is natural for teens to get attracted to such personalities and even natural for them to follow celebrities to monitor their activities and comments.

It is natural for most celebrities to comment on any serious international incident; this also makes them more humane. The teens would also need to freshen up their international knowledge or domestic knowledge to understand and comment on the same issues and considered for direct replies by those celebrities. A regular following up can really make a habit out of the most uninterested person to follow news. Overall these make a smarter lot of teens.

Duel of words

Not only about current affairs and changes in the world, Twitter also prepares one to match slights with smartness. It teaches one to maintain minimal words for a reply and at the same time carry the sting when needed. Twitter gives a teaching of words that helps in every professional necessity. Single sentence replies for every situation is a masterly art and by active participation in this social media a growing teen can easily develop. There are though many aspects that can carry one beyond legible limits but still that fear is common for all social media. I just highlighted the advantages.


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