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The first impression that comes to our mind with Social Media is Facebook. The highly reputed and growing rapidly for a few years, this site is connecting the world and offering fun to them in those connections. It wouldn’t be out of place to remind the champions of Facebook that a few years back Orkut from Google was the most sought after social networking site. Very few use it now.

Technically speaking Google + is more organized and well coordinated to succeed as a proper social media platform but the emotional tide and vast acceptance of Facebook worldwide do not allow it the room for building a reputation.  It needs to add some unique zing that the users have never experienced before. Only then it can surge ahead. In such circumstances what do you do when you have an enterprise which is new and solely dependent on internet and social media to promote? Plunge headlong into the enticing world to hire someone who has thousands of friends and ask them to like and comment on your Facebook profile? If that does not yield then? The plan B? What about the expense gone wasted?

Before you and I engage in the dialogue of promotion in social networking sites there is a more pertinent question, WHY? What is the need to promote a business in internet and especially in social media?  Why search engine optimization is not good enough for getting good business and expanding that business? How can social media be effective? Why more people can search for ways to leverage advantage from this special internet tool? This is too young a blog to reply to all that is questioned in one release. It will take time and in a series of blogs here only I will try to answer the questions raised and will be raised in our progress. I do not claim to be an authority but this is a platform to initiate discussions by the professionals in social media.

Why do we choose social media for promoting a venture or an enterprise? To answer that, find the number of reputed social media platforms in the world. It will go into hundreds. How do you know which among those hundreds will be beneficial to you? Will you go for only Facebook or such hugely reputed platforms? Facebook is a platform generally for people in their twenties to fifties, elders do not feel that interested if they are not trying to find some old friends. How will ventures that also target them as prospective customers reach them through Facebook?

Search Engine Optimization is about fight among a limited customer base and websites. Let me clarify. You have some website and SEO can bring that in the first page first rank (though I personally have seen people not rejecting any search after first one only, they mostly go through the complete first page at least, so the first page and first rank are irrelevant); this page has say 500 visitors and all the websites in that domain are fighting for those 500 visitors among themselves. The business does not grow but there is a huge in fight. Social media in turn expands those 500 visitors to 50…….you got the potential? How?

We will come back soon to answer why we have started the blog with the genie in the bottle. Keep putting your updates.

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Posted May 7, 2012 by The Obvious One in Social Media

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