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Translation in Olympics- the hidden Link   3 comments


First came words, then the participants. London 2012 will have more than 10000 participants and people from 126 countries. Some of them will be very articulate even in more than three languages and some will need effort to communicate with others. Some of them without the language of the land can get lost from their participating venues and some can never get their favorite dishes lost in translation.

Some news to indicate the link we forget in the rush for medals and competitions. A professor with BYU developed apps for participants to translate their languages into the desired language; the app has signs for all the national flags to facilitate translation. This app will not have the complete language facility but will be for limited commands and requests that one encounter in day to day activity. This is a result of three years’ labor and can be hoped to provide lots of benefits to visitors to the Olympic. Working in tandem with Google translation there are lot many phrases preinstalled in the app. The app is editable in their application. Users can modify or add new phrases if they think this can be used in necessary situations and even can authenticate Google translation of certain phrases.

May be the smiling accommodating girl at media centre answering all questions from journalists of all sorts with different pronunciations and languages, the canteen workers who are not only preparing delicacies from all over the world but are also understanding the demands and providing services, the volunteers, the emergency services and the citizen going out of their ways to make the visitors comfortable are all using the app so sincerely and minutely structured for three years to make a tiny vital clog of the Games successful.

Similarly one of the effective translation service providers has slashed their prices by 50% to provide a service to all the visitors to the games, no doubt this will boost up their sale seriously but then this will also try to promote international brotherhood and love. Meanwhile lost in transliteration there was no warm welcome to the Arabic speaking people. The internationally reputed mall Westfield had hung banners which didn’t have a very well structured welcome in Arabic. They are rewriting.

Transliteration will also come to work in interpreting the blogs and comments of participants. There will be scandals exposed to international community, romance, revenge and occasional defection to free from the hunger and life long battle. We will not forget the stories of the athletes but will forget that a transliteration in an Olympic shook the world.

It is not surprising. In every international event there will be innumerable participants and much higher percentage of visitors, some journalists, some sports enthusiasts and some just to be witness to history. Amid all these chaos there will be people insignificant in their small work but vital in the complete work of the system who will toil hard and make it successful. They will remain invisible to transliterate and have been doing so since these events started. Best wishes to them. Best of luck Londoners.


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